Thursday, March 31, 2016

Moving around

It's been quite a while since I've posted anything here, and there's a variety of reasons for that. One of them being that year I had been spending most of my free time learning C# and Unity, which is super fun, but visually not quite interesting to share (ahum-unless you like seeing my messy code). My little game 'Noodles' is pretty much done for what I intended it to be and I'm seeing if I can get some audiotracks added, just to give it a little extra pinch. Will share it (probably on once that's completed. In the mean time I'm figuring some other ideas I'd like to make with Unity, in between happily busy work schedules.

More importantly, I've found Tumblr's blog system a bit more comfy for my taste, so I've been posting stuff there lately. A bit late to the game, I know! I'll probably discontinue this blog here altogether at some point, but for now let me stay in dubio and fragmented all over the social media spectrum.

You can follow me on for more regular updates on my works and work-in-progresses. And I've also opened a little blog for my ever growing screenshots collection:

See you out there?


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