Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Behind the Islands (II)

Above: Some render steps while figuring out the lighting and material for the delicious tentacles in Island Still Life No.20.

For the new Island series I made a bit more use of Cinema 4D's built-in surface and volume shaders to play with the materiality of the objects. It's been a fun search in trying to keep the work digitally stylized while at the same time allowing some of the real-world references bleed through and inform how the materials are rendered. Illustrator was used here and there; by layering its obvious vector shapes over the rendered image, the interplay between those 2D and 3D-rendered-2D shapes allows for a sense of depth without the use of fake camera blurs. I'm quite happy where the work has been going.

You can buy prints of the series at my etsy shop!

There's some more sketchy stuff after the jump.

Above: build and re-build process for Island Still Life No.13.

Above: build process for Island Still Life No.14.

Above: On the left my initial idea to make the pattern in the petals like a peacock's tail (or a chinese sponge roll) didn't make it.

Above: No. 12 and No. 17 have been lost in 3D limbo because I didn't know where to go with them, hence the gaps in the current series' Island numbers. I'm sure I will revisit them at a later point to save whatever idea I can, as I did with No. 13.

[render render render]


Foya said...

I discovered your works through Behance and I was curious to see more about your works. I like all the preliminary sketches and work in progress, it is interesting and whimsical ! :)

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Anonymous said...

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