Friday, September 21, 2012

Gold Rush!

Seems like Berliner seasons skip on autumn and dive from summer straight into winter - it's chilly over here! Reason enough to stay indoors and to work on a new Stammtisch Battle. I finished last week's assignment a bit late, but still I'm happy I finished anything at all. You know, with all the cute guys keeping me from my work and all.

The given elements list as follows:

character: a sailor
side-kick: a goat in a suit
object: a cart
location, location, location: under a table
time/era: goldrush

Sounds like fun? It was!

The above sketch shows the treatment I intended for the two game-playing deities. Mixing hand drawn lines with slick polygons seemed like a good idea on paper (actually, it still does), but I didn't take into account the absence of an Undo-button here in the real world and that I hadn't actually made a final drawing in years (I'm not counting sketches). So after a few retries I decided to simplify the characters and to stick to polygons.

There’s some Levi van Veluw in the original designs of the deities. Found out about his series ‘Origin of the Beginning’ only a few weeks ago - really amazing stuff. Definitely worth checking out!

UPDATE: Fellow Stammtischers Dana and Bart posted their pieces on flickr - have a look here and here!


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