Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Winding Up

This Friday, November 18th, dutch jewellery designer duo ZWARD will open their temporary minishop at De Meent here in Rotterdam. For a period of six weeks the ZWARD Wind-Up Store will feature and selection of works by 15 designers, illustrators and artists, alongside ZWARD's own jewellery line.
They've asked me to join the crowd as well, so I'll be selling two limited edition Ecology prints (I and III) and some prints of the smaller Island Still Life series. With the holidays coming up, why not drop by and see if there's a special gift to your liking?

In the mean time I have finally finished my little big planet! The fine people at Studio Output are currently busy making it work, so now all there's to do is wait and see. There's some work-in-progress goodies, once again, after the jump:

Aeroplane alphabet

Weird stuff going on with, as it turned out, some wrong settings for my irradiance cache file

My first attempts at animating bone objects

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Work in progress...

My little big planet is coming along just fine! I'm really anxious to see this thing when it eventually gets launched, as there will be a lot of tweaking and faking needed to get it on the platform. What platform, you might ask? Well, let's just say for now that the above interface is enough of a hint (not to mention that first line).

Regular readers might have noticed that I've renamed (or finally named) my blog; from now on it's Bridges and Stitches!

It's named after two tools that I use a lot when 3D-ing and it seems appropriate: connecting to new and old places, or anything interesting.

Speaking of new stuff: I've been asked to participate with an upcoming initiative by the ever gorgeous Jelmer and Kirstin from ZWARD. They're still working on the invites and official announcements, but as soon as it's out, I'll post it here as well. And if you happen to be in Rotterdam on Friday the 18th of November: save the date!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Building Better Worlds

A few more pics after the jump!

Generating a new evolutionary tree.

Floral configurations.

View from inside :)

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