Friday, October 28, 2011

The party must go on!

I know, I know, it's a been long long while. Over here in Rotterdam we're enjoying a strangely mild autumn, which is fine by me after that miserable excuse of a summer. For the past two months I've been working closely with my agency ShopAround and advertising company INDIE to create a new campaign for the 'one happy island' of Aruba. It's kind of a torture when all the reference photos you need are defined in just two categories:

(1) White sandy palm tree beaches lining a gentle turquoise sea, bathing in a bright tropical sun,
or (2) Photos over overtly happy and uninhibitedly smiling people standing on said beaches.

Meanwhile, the average temperature in my living room was 15.3 degrees Celsius.

Of course, I mustn't complain too much, because there was fun to be had. Like finding out that Google images thinks the typical Aruban man looks like Joran van der Sloot. And that the typical Aruban woman has a DD cup. And yes, the rumors are true: I had to look up photos of Paris Hilton... and chihuahuas!

It's been a very busy two months, but I think it was worth it. The complete campaign, that the wizards at INDIE came up with, celebrates the happy-go-lucky attitude of the Arubans and consists out of five illustrations. While the other ads should roll out before the end of the year, I can show you the first one here:

Also, after the jump there's some work-in-progress goodies. Enjoy! ^_^

Happy islanders!

The first decor pieces.

Low-poly tropical plants in not-so-tropical shades of grey.

The first setups still featured a cute mini-van and a little girl making her way to the party, surrounded by local animals. Her orange avian friend is a typical islander: the troupial.

One of the almost-final versions of the illustration. The van had to go and after this version so did the girl and the iguana, to make room for the ad's layout. Luckily the troupial and the burrowing owls could stay. The fallen palm tree got accompanied by two crabs as the client didn't want to give the idea that a tropical storm might have hit the island (apparently, the ABC-islands, unlike the rest of the Caribbean, don't get visited by hurricanes).

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